39.5 mph gust recorded in the last hour (4:03PM)

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Weather Parser Screensaver

Latest Version: 1.0.36

Updated: Thu, 24 Jan 2013 17:10:03 +0000

Download WeatherParserScreenSaver-Setup.exe [version 1.0.36]


1.0.36 - Met Office Bugfix & AutoUpdate bugfix
  • Fixes issues with Met Office warnings
  • Introduces prelim work on getting data direct from Met Office
  • Fixes another bug found with checking for new version

  • 1.0.35 - Autoupdate Bugfix
  • Will check for a new version every 14 days instead of every 1 day

  • 1.0.3 - Work on Cumulus Multicast
  • Can decode Cumulus Multicast packets sent on port 334 (Requires use of external software)

  • 1.0.2 - Cumulus Fix and Unit Preferences
  • Fixed a stupid bug for Cumulus users getting no data
  • Added Unit Preferences to Screensaver settings

  • 1.0.1 - Preliminary Work for Weather Underground
  • Started work to decode data from Weather Underground for those stations that are uploading to Weather Underground

  • 1.0.0 - Graduated to V1
  • Screensaver available internationally
  • Generally Stable
  • For Advanced users wishing to use multicast feature - set WeatherDisplay to issue multicast messages via it's default of Port 333

  • 0.1.300 - Source update
  • If Multicast is enabled, the log and screensaver will tell you where updates are from (helps in diagnosing Multicast issues)

  • 0.1.200 - Added Options
  • Added ability to turn Met Office sound on and off
  • Added ability to NOT look for software updates (but it's not enabled yet)
  • Added ability to NOT look for Met Office updates

  • 0.1.100 - Met Office Alerting
  • Added ability to sound an alert when there is a Met Office Warning

  • 0.1.50 - Scheme switcher
  • Added ability to specify if the screensaver should be dark, light or auto
  • In Auto - screensaver changes scheme based on reporting station. (if the station says it's night - the screensaver will be in night mode)

  • 0.1.40 - Changed icon set
  • Using slightly better, higher resolution icons
  • Icons have been repositioned and dynamically cope with screen resolutions

  • 0.1.35 - Switched from Precip Rate to Season Total
  • Precip rate was not a useful feature, so we have switched to Season total instead

  • 0.1.32 - Fixes for screen resolution issues
  • Implemented some fixes to cope with Screen resolutions below 1024x768

  • 0.1.30 - Critical Bugfix
  • Hopefully fixed the issue with the Screensaver freezing and requiring CTRL+ALT+DEL to end it

  • 0.1.2 - Multicast Work
  • Started preliminary work on being able to read Multicast packets from Weather Display on your local network (ADVANCED USERS)

  • 0.1.1 - Bugfix
  • Fixed some errors with Met Office code
  • Fixed some data errors

  • 0.1.0 - General Release
  • Made available for general release

  • b0.2.94 - General Bugfixes
  • Hopefully ironed out updates not installing
  • Sorted some code that auto resizes some stuff when the screen res is too low - but much much more to do with that

  • b0.2.92 - Bugfix & New Features
  • Added FOG as a Met Office Warning type
  • Fixed issues with Webcam Downloading code

  • b0.2.91 - Bugfix
  • Fix bug causing the log to grow too large
  • Fix cloud height not being converted from feet to metres

  • b0.2.9 - Bugfix
  • Remove Met Office Warning when expired

  • b0.2.8 - New features and fixes
  • Add Changelog to "New Version" screen
  • Add last hour data to display

  • b0.2.7 - Bugfix
  • Fixes issue with downloading weather data after a failed attempt

  • b0.2.5 - Bugfixes
  • Makes the Met Office Warning data the same colour as the warning
  • Sorts out some issues with date/time and Met Office Data on smaller res screens
  • Fixes issue with Webcam not updating after several hours of running

  • b0.2.1 - New Feature
  • Adds Met Office weather warnings

  • b0.2 - Public availability
  • Available online for public testing

  • pre 0.2 - Internal Testing
    Only available in house for testing.