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Data Quality Control Graphs for Greenlaw

The graphs below show data from this station overlayed with data from nearby stations
this makes it possible to determine any errors in the data this station is reporting.

[C7345] - The line in Dark Blue labelled as C7345 is for THIS station.
[03158] - The line in Pink labelled as 03158 is the Automatic Met Office station at Charterhall (approx 3 miles away)
[D8046] - The line in Light Blue labelled as D8046 is for the station at Earlston (approx 8 miles away)
[D7684] - The line in Yellow labelled as D7684 is for the station at Peebles (approx 28 miles away)
 [EGPH] - The line in Brown (or red) labelled as EGPH is for Edinburgh Airport (approx 38 miles away)



Dew Point


You can find more data here - as well as other stations to compare with: CWOP Data Quality