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Experimental Stuff Goes On Here!

Well - if you can guess the code to access it......wooo - well done - you got it!

mmmm let's see - what have we got for experiment number 1?
Ohhhhh its a fog forecaster......

Experiment1: Fog Test @ 6:57:29 pm

and the result of the fog test using old formula is...... 50%
Wanna know why?

Ouput: Ok the temp is 7.3C
Ouput: the dewpoint is 5.3C
Ouput: The difference between temp and dew point is 2°C
Ouput: The humidity is 87 %
Ouput: Humidity Trend: 0
Ouput: Avg wind speed is 0.0 mph
Ouput: Is it daytime?

Ouput: [+10] - Night-time
Ouput: [+20] - Windspeed is calm or low
Ouput: $fog = 30
Ouput: [+10] - Humidity is over 75% and is rising / steady...
Ouput: $fog = 40
Ouput: [+15] - Diff between temp and dewpoint is less than 3'C and over 2'C
Ouput: $fog = 55
Ouput: ($fog = $fog / 75 * 100) = 73.3333333333

Ouput: Based on current conditions and trends - the likeliness of fog in the next few hours is 53 - 73%